9 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Career In Nigeria

As a Nigerian, I have come to the consciousness that some students are not actually sure of what their education would bring to them because they are chasing a wrong career option due to poor counselling.

So I decided to share this piece to help those who are still to make a career choice, because it dictates what they would do with the best period of their lives.

1. Interest

Before choosing a career, you’re first met with the challenge of having multiple interests, maybe because of admiration for some top successful people in those fields, and some suggestions from friends and family members giving you a lot of options, but you have to consider the most appealing to you, and the ones which are just fun to you.

2. Secondary Education

Your subjects taken in high (Secondary) school can affect your preparedness for a professional career.

So many people have quenched passion because the subject they studied in secondary school made them ineligible to proceed into a higher institution to chase their dream professional career.

Some of which is due to lack of properly equipped school facilities and teachers inclined to their subject fields.

Secondary education is also effective when molding you for a future professional career because you might also find some areas of interest in subjects which when brought together might point you to a particular career.

3. Passion

Some people choose to pursue careers based on ordinary interest and admiration without having a particular drive and reason why there are going for it. They only want to identify with the field of study/practice without having a strong desire to be active in the field.

They sometimes choose careers because those actively in the field seem to be well paid and monetarily rich, without wishing to learn how that person got the ability /knowledge with which he/she makes such amount of money.

4. Talent

Some people try to make career choices without knowing what they can do best. They always seem to be shy about their gifts/potentials and choose to pursue a career which will level them up with their peers.

Some dancers might derail because he/she come to the knowledge that a singer gets famous easily and might choose to pursue the quick fame even if he/she is best in their talented field. Without considering his abilities in singing and might only realize his/her talent at a later time, having wasted much already.

5. Available Resources

most people don’t consider the available resources before taking the journey towards a future career. Some end up dropping out of school due to financial problems. Menial jobs can be financially supportive when chasing a career; most successful people relate how they at some point did some menial jobs and services to support their dreams. So, taking cognizance of your available resources can be of help to your pursuit of a future career.

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6. Available employment opportunities for professional in your desired field

Employment might seem to be one hell of a hot cake in Nigeria because most people put their hope in landing a job in either a government-owned or a large private institution/company with high financial benefits as their prospects. Most of them fail to explore entrepreneurial options which are now the most needed in the Country. Your prospective career should be properly scrutinized to know the entrepreneur opportunities you could get if getting an instant white-collar job fail.

7. How many people will benefit from your profession

some people choose careers basically because of what they stand to gain, without considering the effect it would have on the populace. Making a career choice to positively affect the vulnerable masses might even be very profitable, so putting the populace in mind might be a helpful tool when considering a career option. At one point everyone gets help because some other person had offered it. Choose a career that would enable you to help others.

8. Your relationship with God

some people out of desperation chase material satisfaction, risking spiritual dryness. Your relationship with God can be an internal guide on careers to follow. A person might choose to abort the desire and passion for military service because of the involvement of frequent murder. Some people might be inspired to take-up careers as clergymen due to their closeness with God. Your closeness with God can go a long way in helping you achieve career success.

9. Your ability level (for those who are thinking of taking up careers in sports)

You have to consider the rivalry existing in your desired sport. Football as a popular sport attracts so much interest from viewers. Choosing to take up a professional sport without considering your abilities in performing such activity might just turn out to be a huge waste of time. When preparing for a sports career, you have to take on every available competition in that sport, to see how outstanding you are in that sport.

The world of sports and entertainment is one that has so much competition, so, to succeed you have to show off some very spectacular traits and abilities, in order to bear the competition and stand out.

Many people admiring sporting careers don’t examine whether it is in taking it as a hobby or as a professional career. Talent should be closely examined and felt when taking a sporting career, because it brings about your special abilities.

Author: Fidel Awa-abuon

is A young entrepreneur minded Nigerian, with flare for the value of proper education.

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