7 Great Blogging Tips You Should Not Ignore

Without doubt , blogging has become one of the most lucrative online business over time. With millions of blogs and bloggers rolling the internet, even those with and without the full knowledge of how blogging goes, it has made it very difficult for a beginner to start a blog with passion and earn for what he loves doing best. this 7 great Blogging tips will pull you to the write blogging perspectives.

Few people blog for passion, many blog for the money. This is where the problem comes in. Waking early in the morning going straight to your blog, copy some posts elsewhere, paste on your blog and hit publish, with the expectation of coming back to see the millions you’ve earned from your blog.

There are millions of blogs out there in the blogosphere but only a few of them are following some strategy for branding of their blog.

When you’re starting out blogging, it can be a bit overwhelming. there are tons of resources out there and it can be a bit difficult to wade through them all. However, if you are just starting out, here are 10 great and important Blogging tips you need to know. They are so neccessary that you need not only read them, but put them down in your blogging Diary for references.

Be Unique

To become a very successful blogger, Uniqueness is one thing that should be carried along.

Being unique is not just about you not copying and pasting people’s articles. Its about being unique in your blog and your blogging career.

There are literally a million of blogs out there with so much competition going out online. The only way to survive these competitions is to stand out from the rest of your competitors. Be unique!

*If everyone else is writing short posts in your niche, create in-depth and lengthy posts. You will stand out.
*If everyone else is creating blog post, do videos or podcasts. You will definitely standout.
*If everyone else in your niche are using Adsense to monitize their blog. Try other monitization schemes. You Will stand out.

Social Media Is The Pillar

Social Media is another thing a blogger shouldn’t ignore.

Before starting any blog on any blogging platform, I first commence with growing social handles for the blog.
Apart from the huge traffic which is derived from social media, its helps  build your audience, and also makes you and your blog popular.

People love social media. And its actually cool to meet them when they are spending their time online. I use social media to grow my audience and later convert them to customers. And this is so important if you opt-in for email and affiliate marketing as part of your blog monetizing scheme.

Content Is The Key

The main key to having a successful blog are your contents!

Having great contents brings more readers to your blog and also seduces search engines especially google. Its not just about writing a post and publishing it. Its about writing a post with great contents that resonates with your blog readers and make them keep coming back.

A well written post mixed with On-page SEO strategies increases your Blog’s ranking position on search engines as well as its authority.

Some important On-page SEO strategies to apply are:
 *Heading Tags
 *Image Optimization
 *Meta Description

Blog For others (A Million Dollar Blogging Tips)

Blogging for others include Guest posting, Blog commenting and sharing other bloggers links. We could better say NETWORKING!

This has been one of the best way to build a successful blog.

I Got inspired of this through Pospi Otuson. He referred to it as “playing for others” using this phrase -“Messi is better than Ronaldo, but Ronaldo is more successful and popular than Messi because he has played for other clubs”


I personally grew my blog by guest posting and commenting on other blogs. By these, I and my blog became exposed to many people, got more backlinks and I earned the popularity.

As for Links Sharing, whenever I shared other bloggers links, I notify them and they reciprocate. Some get so appreciative that they share my links on many social handles than i did, and millions of traffic keeps flowing in.

This has been my best method of growing my blog so far!

SEO Is King

SEO (Serach Engine Optimization) has been the king builder of every successful blog. This comprises of both On-page and Off-page SEO.

The greatest component of SEO is your Blog’s content as explained above in Tip 3. Another great component of SEO is Backlinks, and this is were guest posting comes in. Getting Backlinks especially from high ranking blogs increases your SEO. checkout Janice post on How to Make Free Backlinks: Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow SEO

While your contents Increases your search engine ranking position, Backlinks adds more juice to your blog and build its Authority online.


Be consistent in blogging. Post everyday on your blog, post multiple times per day. By doing so, you are increasing the possibility of reaching and connecting to more people, and also boosting the relationship between you and your followers.

Updating your blog regularly so increases the frequency of Search Engine Crawlers visiting your blog. Consistency in Tip 1 – Tip 5 makes you become outstanding among others.

Be Consistent. Consistency helps in building a brand.

Make Researches

Most, if not all successful bloggers, reached their current blogging heights because they made more researches.

How well do you try to learn new things and know more about them? How well do you try to embroad your knowledge? Of every blogging free eBook I come across online, i try download and read them. It does no harm. Some times I as well purchase some premium eBooks just to increases my knowledge.

As a full time blogger, I spend 20% of my blogging hours making so many researches online. I’ve come to realize that the more researches you make, the easier your challenges to be successful become.

Its so important to make researches that will make the most difference in you!

The results of a blog bringing you business will not be overnight.

Set a goal to be consistent, and integrate blogging into your weekly workflow. Don’t just try to find the find, purposefully  make time.

Use these blogging tips and tricks as guidelines for your process of producing and promoting well-written and informative content. The ongoing efforts will pay off for your blog.


Author: Victor Anene

A passionate blogger with the spirit of entrepreneurship. I share ideas on becoming successful and how to grow businesses both online and offline. He blogs at www.victoranene.com

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