How Developing A Farming Attitude Grants You a Productive and Positive Mindset

Pospi! What is farming attitude and how do I develop it? A Facebook friend chatted me with this question when I posted a notification of this post

Well, I may not be lying if I say this question is also going through your mind now! Right?

I was inspired to write this article about 3 months ago when I visited my dad’s new plot of land where we went to harvest some palm nuts. I hardly visit places like that as I love to spend half of my day online although I read a lot about Agriculture.

The first 20mins I spend on that plot droped a strong feeling in me, I felt productivity and my thoughts where just positive. I captioned that feeling a farming spirit.

If you are farmer or someone who visits a farmland regularly, you can relate to this feeling am talking about and you can also agree to the fact that farming speaks much about growth and when you are in the farm you always think positively.

You may not really understand this! I believe farmers will understand better
However, while picking some palm nuts on my dads plot that day I got the inspiration of writing this article.

It was so serious that I stoped working and began to think of a perfect title for the blog post and after much thinking, it finally came

How Developing A Farming Spirit/Attitude Can Grant You A Positive, Productive And Successful… Click To Tweet

No one actually understood what I felt on that farm, but its indeed a wealthy feeling.

In this article I will be throwing more light on what you should know about the farming attitude and how to develop one.
But first…

What Is Farming?

Farming is an activity or business of growing crops and raising livestock. It has a lot to do with growth

What Is Attitude?

In the Business Dictionary, it’s a predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation.

Attitude influences an individual’s choice of action and respond to challenges and rewards

What is farming attitude?

Farming Attitude is simply a way of thinking or feeling about something, people, community or plant/animal and thinking towards its growth. Especially one that is reflected in a person’s behavior

How To Develop A Farming Attitude


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I don’t intend to bore you with a long post. This article is just a motivation. on how farming reflects in our attitude and grants us a successful and productive mindset.

Developing a Farming attitude mostly depends on the area by which you specialize mostly.
If you’re not a farmer or someone who don’t go close to farmlands, its still possible to develop a farming attitude.
The way to develop this farming attitude or farming spirit as I call it is to make a little farm or garden around you or around your home and try as much as possible to visit regularly.
Plant some simple and common crops. This little garden serves as a high school of positivity

Here is how it works:

• Concentrate more on the growth of your crops

• See farming as a business (for farmers) of course farming is a business

• Pay attention to the wellbeing of your farm/garden

• Allow you farm/garden educate you

How Farming Attitude Can Grant You A Productive, Positive And Successful Mindset

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Do you know that when you train yourself to think more positively, everything gets better? So many persons don’t know about this while other practically don’t believe in it, but that’s just how it seems.

When you train yourself to think more positively your emotional well being improves, you have better relationships and you should know that life in the farm is more enjoyable. Farmers can testify

What Happens When You Think Positively?

Thinking positively stretches the boundaries of your mind and allows you to see new possibilities. It has been estimated that you need 3 positive thoughts to lead a healthy, vibrant and flourishing life. It’s left for you to discover them.

Wrapping Up

The Few hours I spent on that farm instilled in me an idea that is still ringing so hard in me and I have discovered that developing a farming attitude makes you more productive and also improves your personal health.

Author: Pospi Otuson

I am a real estate agent at Pospi Homes Agency, A young Nigerian blogger who wants to share his passion for Entrepreneurship.

I have been featured in Mostly Blogging, Young Leaders Arena, also written for TipsOnBlogging, Zealmat and Dainty Angel amongst other top blogs.

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