How I Made Money On Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) was launched on 1st November as a social networking site with a twist.

Apart from allowing you to share memories, connect with friends, read breaking news from Linda Ikeji’s blog, you can also MAKE MONEY on the Linda Ikeji Social Network.

that’s Awesome…RIGHT?

Well, below are the ways i made money on Linda Ikeji Social :

1. I Submitted Original Stories

You can make money by submitting stories on Linda Ikeji Social.

LIS will pay you N1,000 per approved story. For your story to be approved for payment, it must be exclusive and original. Payments will reflect in the “wallet” section of your LIS profile.

Imagine, submitting 10 exclusive news to LIS in a day. That’s N10,000. Not bad if you are not yet making reasonable money online and if Adsense is not yet making sense on your blog…lol

To submit exclusive news on LIS, sign in and click on “Submit Story” button.


2. Adverts On Your LIS Business Page

You can also make money through the business pages you create on LIS.

According to Linda Ikeji, if your LIS business page has at least 50,000 followers, LIS will use your page to advertise goods and services for their clients. Hence, you will get a share of what advertisers pay LIS to advertise on the platform.

You will get 20% of whatever advertisers pay for each banner.

If your business page followers get to 100,000, two banners will be placed on your page and you will earn double of the amount i.e x2 of the 20% per banner. Cool…huh?

3. LIS Giveaways


Every week, LIS will be giving out cash, prizes, recharge cards and other amazing freebies etc So, this is another way you can make money on LIS.

You have to be part of the community to find out what LIS will be giving away. Just click on the “Giveaways” button to know what’s up.

Join LIS and Follow me at : pospi-otuson

also FOLLOW our page on LIS here



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Author: Pospi Otuson

I am a real estate agent at Pospi Homes Agency, A young Nigerian blogger who wants to share his passion for Entrepreneurship.

I have been featured in Mostly Blogging, Young Leaders Arena, also written for TipsOnBlogging, Zealmat and Dainty Angel amongst other top blogs.

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