10 Good Things I Learnt From Neil Patel

Heard about Neil Patel? I guess you have and if not, you should.

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Neil Patel is the Co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and Kissmetrics, an Online Marketer, Blogger and Entrepreneur.

He was born on April 24, 1985 in London. he had been sorounded by entrepreneurs through out his childhood. Neil’s uncles and mom where all entrepreneurs.

In today’s view, Neil Patel is one of the most influencial entrepreurs in the world. his marketing tips are great and one in a million.

The world street journal calls him a top unfluencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the topn10 0nline marketers, and entrepreneur magazine says he creative one of the 100 brilliant companies in the world.

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He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by president Obama and one of the top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the united nations.

He has also been awarded congressional recognition from united states House Of Representatives.

Read everything you should know about Neil Patel Here (

As a young entrepreneur, Neil Patel’s lifestyle and activity online has added in so many aspects of my life and i thought its worth sharing with you.

In these post, i will be sharing 10 things i had learnt from Neil Patel.


Neils marketing tips, and ideas at has been of great help and the online platform has been a marketing high school for me. Neil Patel has taught me all about marketing


Neil Patel is a great supporter, he supports blogger and online businesses to grow by issuing and suggesting free tools to help grow their business.

He has also helped companies like; Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacon grow their revenue.

What I Learnt: To support others if i really want to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Neil had a strong passion for entrepreneurship while he was still tender, his desire for entrepreneurship made him what he is today.

According to him, “I had entrepreneurship in my blood from the beginning”.

What I Learnt: To be passionate in whatever i do


Despite the fact that Neil’s mom was a non-paid teaching gig and his dad on the other hand didn’t earn much from his job. Neil was still greatful and contented with his family had back then.

What I Learnt: To be greatful and contented of every opportunity i encounter in the course of entrepreneurship.

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While growing up, Neil was a true definition of entrepreneurship and his thoughts were on what he can do to change his lifestyle. Firstly, he joinrd his cousin inm seling burned mucic CDs to student when he knew he wasw making little money from it and later started selling black boxes.

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After he has been known as a kid in school that sell black boxes, he decided to buy cable balck boxes on ebay in quantity and statrted them to his classmates and their parents. his little business boomed and he mad few grand in profit.

He discovered that there easnt a long term career in selling what could be seen as “illegal”. he decided to start a legitimate business and seeing that many kids in his school were fixing up their cars with after-market parts, he started selling automotive parts. got a reseller permit which allowed him  bought car parts at a discount and sell them to other students.

What I Learnt: To be creative and Innovate and also to generate ideas that will change not just my life, but the world around me.

The above are 5 core things i had learnt from Neil Patel and it has and still adding value to my life.

Others are…

Patnership: His parrtnership lifestyle is what i had always loved

Innovation: Neil Patel is a creator and ideas innovator

Internet Marketing: Neil’s Lifestyle has made me an internet marketer

Blogging: Blogging tips from teaches me 75% of blogging

Simplicity: Neil Patel is just free, fair and simple

You could join me learn more at at and

hope you didnt forget what i said earlier;

Neil Patel is the true definition of entrepreneurship

Now Your Turn: What Have You Learnt From Neil Patel?

Author: Pospi Otuson

I am a real estate agent at Pospi Homes Agency, A young Nigerian blogger who wants to share his passion for Entrepreneurship.

I have been featured in Mostly Blogging, Young Leaders Arena, also written for TipsOnBlogging, Zealmat and Dainty Angel amongst other top blogs.

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