How To Start A Professional Blog With Less Than $50 (Step By Step Guide)

You’ve finally decided on starting a blog? That’s cool!
But you may be asking yourself “where do I start from?” I asked myself same questions a few months ago, I used to be a newbie blogger too and I knew close to nothing about blogging.

If you’re really interested in starting a blog, you should know that it involves putting in some money. I call it an investment.

But if you’re not ready to start a professional blog, then check out this step by step guide on how to set up a free blog in just five minutes. But if you’re really serious about starting a professional blog that allows you to monetize and have full control, I recommend a self-hosted WordPress blog. I advise you read Janice’s post on 18 important things you should know about self-hosting.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you a step by step guide on how to start a professional blog with less than $50 (50 US Dollars) with the exact steps I used in starting this very blog.

That’s to say, all the steps that would be shared here will be the same steps and tools I used to start PospitipsOnline, and always recommend things I feel will be of great help to you as a newbie and the ones that I have personally used or still currently using.

But, could you really start a professional and profitable blog with less than $50?

The answer is yes and I’m going to show you how.
This post is a little bit longer so I advise you to take it slowly and of course, grab a cup of coffee.

we’ll be looking at…

Step One: Picking the perfect Blogging Niche and what to Blog about ( No Charges)

Before thinking about setting up a blog, you must have an idea of what you will be blogging about. Just as you find a market for your products and services; you also have to determine your blogging niche if you’ve already picked the perfect blogging niche, then move to Step Two.

But if you’re yet to, continue reading…

What Is A Niche?
It’s simply a small group of people with a common interest. And its also known as the main target of a blog, but a Niche are topics that selected groups of people are interested in

Now, who are the main targets of your blog?
One of the reasons why you should pick a particular niche is because there may be a lot of people interested in a particular topic and your blog may be the only place for them read.

Tips To Help You Decide A Perfect Blog Niche
Hobbies: Your blog could be focused on things you enjoy doing
Problems: You can help people find solutions to problems you also face.

There are other tips that can help you decide a perfect blog niche but that will be a topic for another day. But there are other popular blog niche ideas, which are;

  • Business
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Games
  • Sports
  • Entertainment etc.

I just hope you’ve been able to pick the perfect blogging niche for your news blog. Also know that, once you have the right knowledge about a niche you can go into it and completely dominate other competitors of the same niche.
Good luck picking a perfect niche for your blog.

Step Two: Choosing A Hosting Platform And Domain Name ($22 – $30)

Now that you’ve found a perfect niche for your new blog, its time to start creating the blog

Web Hosting is likes renting a room on the web for your blog
The Hosting Platform we’ll be using is NameCheap. They offer one of the best and most affordable hosting plans online and their hosting rate begins from $9.88/year with free Whiosguide.

This is the hosting provider we are using here at and I recommend it for everyone who wishes to start up a professional blog.

One of the greatest reason I recommend NameCheap is, “support” you’ll get 98% support, so you have nothing to worry at all.

For a start, head over to NameCheap’s Website and follow the steps I will show you.

You will see with your own eyes that they offer hosting plans from $9.88/year ( or it may be above if you wish to use a UK data center).
There are Four main plans that you can choose from

Let’s begin with the value plan.
Click on the Add To Cart button and proceed to choosing your domain.

As soon as you have finished entering your domain name (, select Continue
Read WpBeginner’s How to choose the best domain name (8 tips and tools)

Note: you can use a domain you own already or a domain from another registrar or purchase a new domain with Namecheap instantly.

It will be important to think of a name that you can use across social media platforms in other to keep your brand going on all platforms.
Next, fill out the registration form and purchase your new Hosting Package and Domain

Namecheap also have an option to pay via Paypal

Other Alternative plans for Hosting are;

  • Bluehost – $2.65/month (Billed for 36 months)
  • Hostgator – $$3.95/month (12 months)
  • Godaddy – $3.99/month (Billed for 12months)
  • DomainKing – (Alternative for Nigerian Bloggers) Starting from N3,000/year
  • Siteground – €2.75/month (Billed for 12, 24, or 36 months)
  • Ipage – $1.99/month (Billed for 12 months)

To Purchase Domains Only I recommend Godaddy,, and DomainKing

Step Three: Installing WordPress (No Charges)

Wow! Your hosting and domain name is finally set up, right? There will be a few tip to get you started but first, You’ll have to Install WordPress. Let’s do it!

After purchasing your hosting package from NameCheap, your Cpanel login details (Username and Password) will be sent to your email.
It will look like!

Get your Login and head over to

After you’ve successfully logged in, Proceed to Install

click on Softaculous Apps Installer and proceed to installing WordPress by clicking on the “W” Icon

Click on Install Now then proceed to the final Installation page

Fill out all neccesary informations and click INSTALL

Here are 5 awesome reasons why I recommend WordPress!

  • Easy to install and setup
  • You don’t need any advance knowledge of Html or Coding
  • There are thousands of WordPress themes/templates to choose from.
  • There are several numbers of plugins options available.
  • Lots of help, support, and tutorials to help you.

Step Four: Creating a professional Logo ( $ 5 – $15)

Personally, I use free methods to create some of my logos for my websites, the best way to set a professional logo for your blog or business is to pay a professional to help you do it. At this point, I recommend SpeedLabMedia. They are designs and branding agents, their logo design rates begin from $5-$15. But if you’re on a tight budget, you could definitely create your own free logo.

Here are tools you can use to create your free logo and this is tools I have used personally.

You can also hire a logo designer on fiverr but that’s if you really want your logo made by a professional. Logo design services start from $5 same with SpeedLabMedia.

You may be lucky to find a gig for $ 5 that includes everything you need but you may likely spend money for gig extras worth getting.

When creating a logo, consider this 3 things

  • Choose the right color combination
  • Choose the perfect style
  • Make it simple but professional

Step Five: Choosing A Good Theme/Template (No Charges)

Created your Logo already? The next step is to choose a theme. But you can choose a theme before creating a logo though, that’s if you wish.
Setting up a theme is as simple as ABC.

Go to your WordPress dashboard, hover over “Appearance” until you notice a drop down then click “themes”.

You’ll be able to search for themes by feature, popular or all you can even search by keywords
The screenshots above show you the awesome themes that are available.

When I started, I was using Xmag, but the truth is that; it may take your time to find a free theme you like, so if you’re looking for some great inspiration, checkout WpBeginner’s 49 Best Free WordPress Blog Themes for 2017

Talking about getting a paid/premium theme for your blog.
It’s an exciting idea:
You may be wondering what the difference is or “What’s the Point”

Here are some advantages.

Support and updates: Premium themes grants you access to theme support and regular theme updates. This means your theme is regularly revised to be compatible with latest WordPress updates.
Seo (Search engine Optimization): Most premium themes offer inbuilt SEO options and clean code for faster loading.
Higher quality, security, and advanced functionality: the quality of paid themes is higher, has more customization options and enhance better security.

There is no obligation that you must purchase a theme for your blog when you’re starting a blog with less than $50. There are many bloggers that are successful using a free WordPress theme.

Because this post is focused on creating a professional blog with less than $50, the best option is to go for a free WordPress theme for a start.
But if you’re looking for more customization options, quality, advanced security and support then its worth upgrading to an affordable premium theme when you have money to do so.

Below are some premium themes providers I suggest. Including the ones I have personally used.


This theme we are using here at was actually purchased from MyThemeShop.
They offer very affordable themes and great supports.
We purchase the theme we are currently using for $59 from MyThemeShop.

The theme we purchased from MyThemeShop was:

Other Alternatives are:

Step 6: Building an Email List

As it is always said, “The money is in the list”. Having a mailing list is the perfect way to retain your readers and keep in touch by contacting them.

You can share your latest blog post, promote your latest products or just keep them up to date with what’s happening on your Blog.

It’s quite easy to get all this set up for free.

Read Prosper’s post on the irresistible places on your blog for email list building.
There are two steps to build your email list and retain readers. Firstly, you need to have a tool for collecting email and another tool to send emails to your subscribers.

Tools for Collecting Emails:

  • MailMunch: It’s really simple to use and very easy to install on WordPress, once completed, you can start designing your opt-in box.
  • Sumo: It’s quite similar to MailMunch and we actually use it on this blog
  • MailChimp: It’s a great tool for collecting emails and this is one of the tools we’re currently using here at

Email Providers
MailChimp offers a free forever plan for up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 email per month. This is one of my recommended options for all of you who wants to start a blog with less than $50 and this is the email service provider currently using.
Once you have exceeded 2000 subscribers, paid plans start from only $10 a month.

Step 7: Extra Bonus: Free tools to Build your blog and Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools
Jaaxy (free trial)
Social Media Tools
I encourage you to set up social media accounts for your blog.
Some of the top platforms include:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Pinterest
• Linkedin
• Instagram
• StumbleUpon
Scheduling Tools
• Tailwind
• Coschedule
• HootSuite
• Buffer
• Dlvrit

Now Permit me to say Congratulations

Have you made it to the end of this guide? Then congrats on learning how to start a blog with less than $ 50
With less than $50 you’re able to:

• Purchase a domain for 12 months.
• Install WordPress.
• Select a theme
• Create a logo
• Setup an opt-in form
• Plus free tools to help build your blog and biz

Now that its possible to start a blog with less than $50, its time to get started.
This post contains some of our affiliate links, please read our affiliate disclosure.

Wishing you the best with your new blog.

If you have any question or contribution to this post. Kindly comment below.

Author: Pospi Otuson

I am a real estate agent at Pospi Homes Agency, A young Nigerian blogger who wants to share his passion for Entrepreneurship.

I have been featured in Mostly Blogging, Young Leaders Arena, also written for TipsOnBlogging, Zealmat and Dainty Angel amongst other top blogs.

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