Why I Choose Blogging

This post is really not meant to recruit new Bloggers into the Blogging world, rather, Its just a little piece of writing on why i choose blogging and of course if you’re a blogger I believe you have your own reasons.

All I will be writing here will be In my own words and Experiences

Well, I have never thought of becoming a Blogger, Although i cant really tell how my blogging appetite came about, All i know is that; I am doing what I love though my family had never supported the idea, Why? It was seen as an addiction to social media or maybe because they fear that i may end up becoming nothing in Life.

Though they were ignorant of what my real intentions where.

There had been a time the word Blogging ate deep into me that i cant go through an hour without Thinking about my blog.

though not into full time blogging but i intend putting my necessary effort, dedication and exercise patience to watch my Blog grow to become a large Entrepreneurial Community. with time Blogging is going to be my full time Job, that’s when I’ll be out of school but for now i blog part-time.

Why I choose Blogging…

1. To Prove Blogging A Career

It’s true Blogging is not being taught in colleges and universities, but if you ask me i think it’s worth career.

The Discouragement from friends and family members motivated me more and more to pursue my blogging career, just to prove blogging a career. (This has been my major goal ever since I started).

To Become The First Successful Blogger In My Ward:

Some of the words my father always said to me was How many bloggers have succeeded in our state? anytime i hear these words coming out of him i feel discouraged but I have always wanted to become a blogger, so i never gave up. If no successful blogger have existed in my state, then i want to be the first.

To Share My Knowledge:

As a young Entrepreneur, I loved public speakers and desired to be like them but i could not  due to my shy nature. I have always known known myself to be an epitome of knowledge and wisdom. “PLEASE AM NOT BOASTING” Its a gift from God, I may not be able to share my ideas and knowledge in words but i can do it 100% in writing.

I have always thought there  is something special in me, i think i have something that someone is looking for, i think i have an idea that could straighten your business and and entrepreneurial mentality.

One of the Major reasons i Joined Blogging was to Share my Knowledge.

To make cool money:

As i said, i intend building an awesome community for entrepreneurs. so with time am gonna turn Pospitips Online into a money making machine. Lol (: , Invest on it, Get a domain and a great hosting platform.

I came to know blogging as a place to make cool cash without talking to nobody, buying or selling. i joined blogging to exchange my knowledge and ideas for interest which automatically comes inform of money though blogging haven’t given me what i want, but i know it will.

i don’t sell my ideas to you to end money, NO, i only share my ideas to you for free. While i  receive my salary and wages. one of the main reason’s i joined blogging is to make cool cash online.

Blogging Is A Career!

Blogging Is A Career!

Maybe I’ll stop here for now to continue some other day and off-course i will share what i experienced pursuing my blogging career.



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Author: Pospi Otuson

I am a real estate agent at Pospi Homes Agency, A young Nigerian blogger who wants to share his passion for Entrepreneurship.

I have been featured in Mostly Blogging, Young Leaders Arena, also written for TipsOnBlogging, Zealmat and Dainty Angel amongst other top blogs.

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