Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Joke With Social Media

Social media has been my backbone when it comes to learning apart from meeting new people all over the globe.
Though you might say is a big-time distraction for serious people who spend less time online.

Well, it’s all depending on you as a person – when it’ll be a distraction to you is when you don’t have an agenda for it. No prior reason for going online.

But I tell you,

Truly Social Networks, Count it all has helped me a lot… I believe it’ll do you good also  when used wisely.

Do you believe that you can learn, update your knowledge in any career you’re into with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn?? That is what I’m here to tell you. So read on;

For bloggers like us, Social Media is one of the Great ways to generate traffic to our blog. It has been said that is a better platform to build a relationship with both readers and your clients.

They’re huge amount to influencers you dream to talk to someday, Leaders, Celebrants that you have not gotten opportunity to meet as a person, even you might not see them at all if care is not properly taken.

But with the help of Social networks like “Facebook,” you can reach out to them.
Social Media can go a long way helping you to Brand your Business, and Personality as a human.

No Matter your position in your office. you call yourself a Medical doctor, an Entrepreneur, a banker, even as a pastor, computer science student, a lawyer, web designer, computer engineer (A+), Job applicants , a programmer, learning catering, a tailor or designer, to be the good guy in your relationship, to mention but few.

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No matter the area you find yourself, they are thousands of Forums, groups, pages that have what you are looking for. For Sure;

Even if at all you didn’t see what was looking for online by browsing through Categories and labels, all is required of you is to ask (with the Provided Search box Area) that’s all and your request will be granted instantly or within the shortest time for as long as you joined the right spot.

Presently I have more than hundreds of groups and forums on Facebook, Thousands of page likes on Facebook, Google+, WordPress forum, LinkedIn, even on Instagram

Mind you, am not trying to boast of any kind.

I strongly suggest you join the serious groups and forums. I don’t mean the Inactive ones.
So many Tech forums on Google+, WordPress & LinkedIn and I get updates on each of their articles/ post daily, that’s pretty much okay.

Try Signing Up with Google Alert, to get updates to your inbox of every Topic, Events, Stories or Trend that you wants to track.

I’m a big fan of Google Alerts, I used it to track my

  • Competitor’s new post and Articles Updates Targeting Keywords
  • Web Development Info and News
  • New Blog Post Ideas
  • Computer Programming Courses
  • Google Improvements and Updates
  • And lots more

You may ask, why all this?
Must I follow the same process before I can get what I want?
The answer is no.
But to me, I take it as a way of learning so I can lead and earn tomorrow.

There are so many bloggers who are always online on Facebook. what are they doing?

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The truth still remains that those guys are busy with groups/forums. And those guys don’t chat as much as expected with their friends. Why? Because of the time management.

Before I will finish reading, commenting, adding my own value to other people’s lives, I will be spending nothing less than 3 hours or so.

As I draw the bottom line, to cut the long story short. I think is the time we do things in a different way other than the way of doing it.

Enough is enough.

I tell you Joining Forums or group of experts in your field of education/career really pay-off no matter what.

Why waiting?

Do it now! And also don’t forget Google because he’s a good friend. He’s always there to help you, make use of it now is free.
Who knows, Google can become a premium access tomorrow to only those that have a PayPal account  loaded with dollars.

Did you find any missing point?

How powerful do you understand the Social Media to be?  I will love to hear from you; please use the comment box below to drop me your own view.

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Author: Siddharth Kamble

For more than 4 years, Siddharth Kamble has worked with various Digital Marketing agencies in areas of SEO analyst. He regularly writes at the Blog about a wide range of Web hosting and Affiliates topics. He likes to do research on the internet about this digital world

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